Meet Rebecca

“…Rebecca is an educator who knows how to create magic. Like an alchemist, she combines all of the essential elements of a powerful education: a well-designed and aesthetic environment, carefully chosen materials, caring and involved adults, rich and important subject matter, and a hefty measure of genuine interest in children’s ideas and works, all blended together with a perfect sense of how to balance freedom and the structure necessary to evoke learning.”  –Kathleen Kesson

Rebecca Fox Stoddard

I am passionate about deep connection with one another, the natural world, authentic human expression and discovering  and sharing our innate goodness and gifts.

The most beautiful thing about this, is that my husband also shares these passions, and we practice and learn together as we are in community with young people.

I am deeply drawn to working and playing and being with children.

I like to call myself an Educational Muse and Fort Builder and sometimes Playworker or mentor.  I have not yet found a better description of what I do. Kathleen wrote it quite eloquently in the above testimonial.

My way of being WITH and being IN presence with children, soul to soul, is one of my most powerful gifts.  My deepest desire in life is to share what I have learned over the past 30 years.

I am a passionate visionary advocating for :

  • supporting and co-journeying with families to live and parent in conscious and intentional ways
  • compassion based, contemplative (mind/body/brain) practices including:  mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Focusing (felt sensing) and other tools such as Nonviolent Communication, Heartmath  and how they support becoming a fully embodied human, optimal learning, neural integration, social emotional learning and interconnectedness with all life.
  • Play!
  • empowering learning environments for children focusing on experiential, passion based learning
  • a return to the land, and return to our human birthright of essential and deep nature connection

My classroom research is focused on documenting how ordinary moments and inspirations from the environment (from the natural world in particular) can spark learning across domains that meet or exceed scripted standards of learning.

I am inspired and influenced especially by :

  • Children!
  • contemplative practices (and mindfulness practices embedded in classroom culture)
  • wisdom traditions including Yogic philosophy and Buddhist philosophy
  • the Reggio Emilia Approach and the work of the Teacher Researchers in Reggio and around the world
  • Forest Schools
  • Rudolf Steiner’s work
  • deep nature connection and the work of Jon Young (8 Shields)
  • inquiry

I am interested in:

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • inquiry
  • experiential learning
  • play
  • how technology can be used as tools in early childhood programs
  • how technology can benefit learners in making learning visible
  • how social media can be used as an avenue for professional development and making learning visible
  • designing and supporting outdoor classrooms
  • supporting children’s’ (and adults) social-emotional learning
  • supporting children’s increased sensory needs due particularly to more sedentary lifestyles, less connection with the natural world, and toxins in the environment.

Rebecca Fox Stoddard

Nothing Without Joy
– Loris Malaguzzi

Our goal is to nurture independent thinkers, enthusiastic learners, active explorers and investigators, compassionate human beings and to instill in children and families a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.

We do this-

As Early Childhood Educators 

As Action Researchers

As Lifelong Learners

As Parents

As Consultants

As Naturalists

As Mentors

As Traditional Food Chef

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