Early Childhood Program (Full Time and Part Time)

Nurturing Roots

Nurturing Roots is a contemplative, nature based lab school for children age 2-8 years located in our family home.

A home school laboratory school?  Yes!

A “lab school” is a rich environment for research and learning, typically associated with a university teacher preparation program.  In our context our homeschool program is a “lab” of ideas and learning by doing and where Action Research, Collaborative Inquiry  and Making Learning visible is an embedded practice.  We learn about learning.

Our current context, Nurturing Roots, is a home-based preschool through 3rd grade with 7-9 students, including our youngest  two daughters.

You can read more at the Nurturing Roots website.  This educational project involving children ages 2-12, (enrolled children, our own children or “alumni interns” for snow days and holidays)  is a rich sandbox for experiential learning and action research for all participants. Come join our educational project!

We are always looking for partnerships with parents seeking early childhood programs, teacher educators seeking virtual study opportunities, as well as teachers and the homeschool community to learn about learning together through study groups.

Over the last 30 years I have learned alongside hundreds of children in a variety of homeschool, micro private school, forest school, farm school and after school settings.  All of them experiential and unique settings with Action Research of natural learning woven in.

As a life-long learner, and having been educated myself with an unschooling approach, largely through passionate personal projects, I continue to be a strong advocate of experiential, passion based education.   I am very interested in the nurturing of the internal landscape of children through an ever present context of social emotional learning supported by mindfulness practices.

My traditional title of “teacher” is a cultural label.  We are all here learning, questioning, experimenting together and offering our unique skills abilities for the benefit of each other.

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