Compassionate Communication (NVC)

Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication (also known as Nonviolent Communication or NVC) was developed by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, in the 1960’s.

Our Offerings

  • Compassionate Communication for Families:  an 8 week introductory course (email for schedule)
  • Weekly Children’s play and practice group for ages 3-9 years
  • hosting of monthly Practice Group

Outside Resources

Study Groups, Workshops and Trainings

Capital NVC

Capital NVC is committed to the growth of Nonviolent Communication in the Washington, DC  area and to creating peace and understanding in the world.  They offer courses, workshops, practice groups and guest teachers.  Sign up for their newsletter to receive updates about Nonviolent Communication events in the area.

NVC Academy

This online service offers hundreds of multimedia  resources by certified NVC trainers.

The Compassion Course Online with Thom Bond NYCNVC

“The Compassion Course” is the result of my last 28 years as a writer and trainer, and the past 15 years, studying, living and teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It’s my way of making the skills of compassionate living available to anyone, regardless of time and money constraints.” – Thom Bond

Links to CNVC Handouts

  • How Expansive is Your Emotional Vocabulary?  Feelings and Needs Chart
  • The 4-Part Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Process Developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.There are four components to the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model, as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.  The 4-Part NVC Process can guide you to express how you are, or they can be used to empathically receive how another is.


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