Fiona Makes a Puppet and “Fills up her Bucket”!

We have been focusing on building skills and mentoring social emotional learning for our Friday group. Today we read, How Full is Your Bucket. This spontaneous video reflection by Fiona reinforces how much she is learning about intrinsic motivation and the “filling of buckets” through perseverance and kind acts. Take…

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The BIG Thunder Cloud- Expressing Fears

by Emily, age 5

Ever since the Derecho of 2012, which caused the transformers outside of Emily’s  bedroom windows to explode multiple times, and flattened both of the family cars, Emily has been dealing with her fear of storms.

After overhearing a brief adult discussion of the Oklahoma tornados at school today (just the word “tornado”), she painted this picture, and then narrated the description in this video.  While unfortunate that she overheard the conversation, it became such a powerful way to express and deal with her fears and emotions.

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens shares her article Discussing the News with 3-7 Year Olds