Bhramari Pranayama with Emily

Emily shares Bhramari Pranayama or “Humming Bee Breath”.  It is a gentle and calming breathing practice that can soothe the nervous system.

It’s one of many practices or tools in our toolbox for calming and working with upsets.

Our Yoga Book

The children created drawings of all of the poses in our Sun Salutation to make a “How to” book.  Stay tuned for the rest!

yoga mountain


Yoga in the Woods

Morning Meditations August 4, 2008 GALLERY of Photos Rebecca: Zander, Anika, Noah, Champe (Maddi is with her father today, Abby is absent) We were all very happy to have Anika return from her long summer break. She was missed! It was a beautiful, cooler morning so we headed out early today.…

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