Deep Nature Connection and Belonging…

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I often describe my job title as “early childhood muse” and “fort builder.”  My husband, family and I live, work and play in the meaningful and amazing world of childhood and nature.  We often say that we are really six-year-olds in a grown-ups body.  It’s our calling and how we serve in the world.

We are passionate about supporting children and families to awaken to their deep and authentic selves.  To live and parent in this world in a way that brings nurturance, joy and connection to all.  It’s a fulfilling and worthy path.

The images, videos and stories that you see on these pages, are our LIVING…it’s our generative expression of life being lived through mindful curiosity, loving awareness and joy.  We would love to share with you and support you on your journey in any way that serves.

We value contemplative practices, PLAY, inquiry, passion based education, authentic connections, mindful communication and relating.  We cherish finding joy in all that we do.

We offer a unique EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM that meets daily in our home called Nurturing Roots.  

We lead MINDFULNESS MEDITATION groups, as well as mentoring for individuals.

We lead FOREST SCHOOL programs for young children, and guided nature walks for families.

We offer COACHING for Parenting and Teaching as a Spiritual Practice.

We offer CONSULTING for parents and teachers wanting to transform their play spaces and classrooms.  Learn how spaces can even be transformed  for FREE or very little money if you are on a budget, or supporting classrooms and families in need.

We host WORKSHOPS or PRACTICE GROUPS on topics such as Conscious Communication, Mindfulness Meditation, Focusing,  Yoga, Forest Schools and Parenting.

We COLLABORATE with colleagues with shared values and support their work in any way we can.

We look forward to connecting with you!  We would love to share and learn with you!

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Let’s wake up in the World…TOGETHER

Bhramari Pranayama with Emily

Emily shares Bhramari Pranayama or “Humming Bee Breath”.  It is a gentle and calming breathing practice that can soothe the nervous system.

It’s one of many practices or tools in our toolbox for calming and working with upsets.

Nature Love

“We have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children our love for this Earth, and to tell our stories. These are the moments when the world is made whole. In my children’s memories, the adventures we’ve had together in nature will always exist.”    -Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

Children in the Creek

Fiona Makes a Puppet and “Fills up her Bucket”!

We have been focusing on building skills and mentoring social emotional learning for our Friday group. Today we read, How Full is Your Bucket. This spontaneous video reflection by Fiona reinforces how much she is learning about intrinsic motivation and the “filling of buckets” through perseverance and kind acts. Take…

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Our Yoga Book

The children created drawings of all of the poses in our Sun Salutation to make a “How to” book.  Stay tuned for the rest!

yoga mountain


The BIG Thunder Cloud- Expressing Fears

by Emily, age 5

Ever since the Derecho of 2012, which caused the transformers outside of Emily’s  bedroom windows to explode multiple times, and flattened both of the family cars, Emily has been dealing with her fear of storms.

After overhearing a brief adult discussion of the Oklahoma tornados at school today (just the word “tornado”), she painted this picture, and then narrated the description in this video.  While unfortunate that she overheard the conversation, it became such a powerful way to express and deal with her fears and emotions.

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens shares her article Discussing the News with 3-7 Year Olds